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A Few Words About Me

I am called by my Single Name Mohan.


  • ​Born in Jan 1983.

  • Completed My Secondary School in 2000.

  • Started My Career as Backend Consultant in Stock Market Broking Company.

  • Started My Career in Information Technology at 2006 Where India attracting more Software Vendors to India 

  • Worked as Web Developer, Module Engineer, Lead Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Consultant in Major Technologies of PHP, Python, JAVA, Spring, JavaScript.

  • Getting in to AWS as Cloud Architect Performed Major Infrastructure Migrations and Software Migrations for Global Enterprises across Europe, USA from Client locations and Offshore.

  • Currently leading Team with Chaos Engineering Practice and Resiliency Engineering.

Disclaimer: The Articles, Posts in this website do not endorsed by my Past Employers, clients and Current Employer. The content in this website been written based on my views and opinions. 

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